Artist Statement

My interest and enthusiasm for art began at an early age growing up in a tropical island surrounded by golden beaches, rain forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and most importantly animal life.  My creations are mainly inspired and influenced by a diverse range of sources; to lived experiences and relationships to certain places.  Animals played an important role in my life, especially living in a home with dogs and in a farming environment.  As a child, I learnt to appreciate and respect animals and nature.

Moving from Sri Lanka to Canada in 2010 has been nothing but exciting. The peaceful and serene view of the mountain range landscapes, and lush greenery inspired me to start painting.  The natural word fascinates me and fuels my creative passion. My mission is to create awareness and connect the viewer to the subject of my painting be it animals, flowers, or trees.  Conservation and protection of our environment is the deeper message.

My attraction to the vibrancy of colours and shapes in nature could be the reason I always come back to flora or fauna as the subject of my painting.  I first identify the shapes with lines and work through values from darkest to the lightest and block in the colours in relationship to each other. I then add highlights and textures to bring drama, life, and energy to my art. I use bold colours and strive to use realism as the style in my paintings, since it is the best approach to capture the beauty of a bird or animal. I predominantly use acrylics as the main medium and interchangeably use oils, watercolours and coloured pencils depending on the mood and setting.

I firmly believe that being able to create art is a gift. Connection is the underlying theme to my artwork.  Capturing beauty from the simplest expression and infusing life into a piece of art is a true journey – the process of creation. This ultimately brings me joy and satisfaction, true meaning, and purpose in life.

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” Vincent Van Goh

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